Gerry Shaw

Software Engineer in Vancouver, Canada

Personal Projects

Birds Near Me

Birds Near Me is a bird guide for everybody anywhere in the world. Find what birds are near you anywhere in the world or find pictures, songs, locations and information about any bird in the world.


iDefibrillate is an accurate simulator of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) designed to be used for CPR training and general familiarization.

Professional Projects

Projects that I am currently working as the lead software engineer for Venture Media. Note that we are not an agency, we design, build and operate the businesses we create.

Chit Chats

Save up to 70% on shipping from Canada to the US. Print discounted US postage in Canada and we’ll courier your parcels across the border, taking care of customs and make daily drop-offs to USPS.


A fun web application that lets anybody design their own T-shirt in minutes. Motivated out of frustration from working on T-shirt platform but had no way to easily design shirts for myself. Procedurally generates typography designs using SVG. Integrates with Stripe and Canvus.


A professional marketer platform for selling licensed sporting apparel. I lead the development team that created the Ruby on Rails application and am actively involved in the continued development of the project. Canvus integrates with multiple service APIs including Stripe and PayPal, EasyPost for shipments, Facebook ad integration for marketer dashboards and custom APIs to support multiple fulfillment partners.


The best Black Friday ads and deals. Partners with over 200 retailers and has over 30 million users. I lead the team that created the current Ruby on Rails application. To handle the crush of fall traffic that can peak at over 40,000 concurrent users we use Varnish to handle caching.


Reinventing Sheet Music. Intune is reinventing how sheet music is read, practiced and performed in today’s digital age. My contribution was building the embedded sheet music store. Powered by a Ruby on Rails backend integrating with iTunesConnect to support in app purchases.

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