Resume for Gerry Shaw

Software Engineer in Vancouver, Canada

Career Highlights

Work Experience

Lead Software Engineer

Jan 2011 - Present
Venture Media Labs Inc.

Lead Software Engineer for all projects at Venture Media Labs. Involved in training, recruiting, planning and development of more than 10 custom web and iOS applications ranging from social networks, eCommerce. Web applications use Ruby on Rails, Postgres, AWS. Example projects include with more than 50 million visitors in November and generating $300K in monthly sales. I can work the entire stack but my strength is back-end and leadership.

Self Employed Software Engineer

Jan 2000 - Present

Started my own company to provide custom application and web application development. Worked on a variety of projects including a client server Windows application and an e-commerce site. I was responsible for all phases for project development. The projects received great praise for their usability and stability.

Emergency Paramedic

2007 - 2012
British Columbia Ambulance Service

An opportunity arrived from volunteering at my local fire department led to me taking the required training to work as a licensed Paramedic in my community. A new found interest in combining software and medicine evolved into contract work on medical research projects with surgeons at Vancouver General Hospital.

Senior Software Engineer

Jun 2002 - Nov 2007
Electronic Arts Inc.

Lead Engineer for all Playstation Portable (PSP) and Nitendo DS products done at EA Canada. Managed the build process, pipelines, tools and help with setting standards for 10+ simultaneous projects for a large (300+ person) group. As required worked directly on games implementing features as required.

Two year sabbatical allowed time for travel, completing my schooling and expanding my skills. Among other things I developed Nant during this time.

Software Engineer

Jan 1993 - July 2000
Electronic Arts Inc.

Team lead for small section of developers in the tools & libraries department. Worked on many Windows and cross platform tools in C/C++ and helped on many shipped projects.

Tools included image editors, movie compression, font creation, 3D texture management, front end layout, and localization. Worked on cross platform game libraries used by dozens of projects like NHL, FIFA, NBA, Triple Play, and Need for Speed. An incomplete list of games can be found on my Moby Games profile.

Electronic Arts is a world leader in gaming software and has offices all over the world. The tools that my group developed were used in shipping many award winning titles by offices around the world including outside contractors.

Canadian Armed Forces

June 1989 - June 1992

Reserve soldier in the Royal Westminster Regiment. Received infantry, driving, communications, and leadership training.


Simon Fraser University

Bachelor’s of Science. Major in Computing Science with Cooperative Education.

Justice Institute of British Columbia

Emergency Medial Responder and Primary Care Paramedic programs.

Side Projects

Birds Near Me - Worldwide Birding Guide

Designed and created a world wide field guide for birders integrating data from eBird, Wikipedia, Flickr and Xeno-Canto. Available on the Apple App Store.

iDefibrillate - AED Simulator

iDefibrillate is an accurate simulator of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) designed to be used for CPR training and general familiarization. Available on the Apple App Store.

Nant - A .NET Build Tool

Founding developer and project coordinator for an open source cross platform build tool written in C# on the .NET platform. Used by Intel, Microsoft, ActiveState, Mono, and many other companies and projects.