Favorite Recipes

Coconut curry with sweet potatoes and rice.

Coconut Curry

Simple and versatile coconut curry. Adding tomatoes gives it the right amount of acid zing. Endless possibilities with this.

Linzer torte.

Linzer Torte

Traditional Austrian pastry.

Masoor Dal placeholder image.

Masoor Dal

Simple and delicious red lentils. Combine with rice or a salad. Makes a great meal or side.

Pasta with sardines.

Pasta with Sardines

You've got a can of sardines in your pantry that you've been saving for Apocalypse.

Pasta with tomato sauce with a few extra veggies.

Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Super easy, super delicious. You'll never buy pasta sauce in jar again.

Placeholder photo for Rhubarb and Red Lentil Soup.

Rhubarb and Red Lentil Soup

The tart fruit provides balance while melting to almost nothing.

Frittata with Kale

Vegetable Frittata

A frittata that doubles the vegetables and halves the eggs. Uses just enough egg and cheese to bind and hold everything together.

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